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Unstoppable Self-Confidence

Overcome the 5 Fears holding you back


How to Achieve Your Goals with Confidence
and Break-through to Success
For Women who Want More Out of Life,
are Done Settling and Ready to Move On!!

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  • How to turn your Dream into a Goal and Achieve it!
  • The secrets to clearing the "Mind Trash" so you can bust through your limiting beliefs
  • What high achieving women do to overcome self-doubt
Mel River 2018

I'm a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, wife, Yoga Instructor, former triathlete, mountain bike and adventure racer, frequent forest bather and founder of The Confidence Path.

I help women who are tired of their inner-critic and negative self-talk holding them back from doing what makes them feel alive, powerful and living the life they want.

I do this because for the better part of my life, I found myself just “going through the motions.”

I didn’t know it then but many of the choices I made were based on what I thought of myself and what I perceived others thought of me - neither of which were positive.

Living with self-doubt leads to the fear of failing. But I knew I deserved more than living in fear and doubt ....

It IS possible to develop your confidence and get to a point where you say “YES” to all those big life goals you want and feel incredible doing it.

I know because I’ve done it myself and helped many women do the same - all using science and psychology backed strategies for learning how to fully love, believe and advocate for yourself so you can achieve whatever you want out of this life.

I took what I learned from years of studying, practicing and experimenting with what made me want to show up and seek success instead of holding myself back because I didn’t think I was capable SO I could help others do the same.

If you know that you're capable of more, you have big goals you want to reach and are done living small then it's imperative you learn how to remove the “mind trash” so you can finally achieve your BEST future self!

Our brain's default is set on the negative.

Ever wonder why you have this fleeting moment of triumph, success or a feeling that you have "finally achieved" something awesome and in an instant your thought changes to "it probably won't last" or "I just got lucky?"

Haven't you had enough of that?


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We hate spam and will never sell or rent your information.

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